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    Recovery Sets

Universal and multi-functional recovery gear for lengths up to 22,5m at 3.2 tons. If weight is paramount! With as low as 21kg just one third of any standard wire rope manual winch at same power and unsurpassed flexibility!


    Electric Winches

Goodwinch E-Winches

Fully protected High-End electrical winches

Goodwinch is now for more than 15 Years a manufacturer of enchanced, rugged, durable and waterproofed winches.



Ramsey E-Winches

Professional winches for commercial applications

Heavy winches equipped with worm gear for commercial and professional applications like recovery of stalled or crashed vehicles, forresting a.s.o.


    Hydraulic Winches  
  Brevini Hydraulik Winches

Looking for 'someting more'? Well, try Brevini Winches.

These are hydraulically powered winches with planetary gear, 3.6 to 30 tons, pulling and hoisting aplications.

  Sepson Hydraulic Winches

Hydraulic winches up to 70 tons!

    Accessories and Electrical  
  Winch-Service-Packs A complete big and small Winch-Service-Pack to Overhaul your rig.  
  Winch-Accessoy-Packs Complete packagea of all Gears and Utilites for professional winching.  
  Winch Safety-Remote-Control This is our ultimate Safety Winch Remote Control with Emergency Cutoff and Battery Disconnect Solenoid.  
  Roller-Fairlead Ultra massive Roller-Fairleads, zink plated and with grease pins.  
  Snatch Blocks Snatch Block w/ 4ton rating and turnableSafety Hook  
  Winch Ropes High-Strength Winch Ropes with higher braking force and smaller diameter!  
  Winch Solenoids Waterproofed and rugged high-AMP Winch-Solenoids  
  Winch-Motors Strong Winch-Motors for replacement or enhancment - waterproofed!  
  High-Amp Connectors A combined High-Amp Connector-System capable of 160Amps cont. with additional control pins and compressed-air-connectors!  
  High-Amp Wiring-Harness Waterproofed High-Amp-Wiring-Harness for AWG4 / 25qmm cables - suitable for removable winches, chargers, aux. power-units a.s.o. - build to your spec!  
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