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 High-Power Alternators 
12V/24V High-Power Alternators

Up to 520Amps at 14V or 550Amps at 28V - almost 15,4kW of electrical power!

The units do have isolated outputs enabling you to operate them isolated from the vehicle electrics, as addon to the existenat alternator (in parallel) or as a powerful replacement.


  • Service vehicles with large amount of power required (e.g. to operate compressors or such)
  • Ambulances, Policecars
  • Military Vehicles
  • Rallye vehicles (winching, lighting)
  • Motorhomes
  • Motorboats
  • APUs (Auxiliary Power Units) power with diesel, petrol or hydraulic motors
  • and last but not least huge HiFi-installations
D-star Alternators

This line of D-star alternators currently marks to top-end for air-cooled units! An amazing 520 Amps at 14V or 550Amps at 28V equalling in up to 15.4 kilowatts.

Unique features include:

  • isolated positive and negative terminal, ideal for daisy-chaining or maritime applications
  • parallel operation of multiple alternators with no additional effort possible
  • optional air intake filter or additional flange to get cool, clean air for cooling.
  • external, adjustable regulator to cope with all electrical systems and battery types including LiIon-batteries (optional)
  • High output even at low RPM
  • Temperature range up to 110°C / 125°C
  • sense input allows for cable loss compensation to deliver power at the point-of-load (think of electrical winches!)
  • brushless design

Performance curve of series-400-type 550Amp rating (datasheet-download)


Price on request

MILspec-alternators are primarily designed to be used in military vehicles.

A brochure can be found HERE. Price and detailed technical data on request - NDA required!

They provide the following features:

  • Voltage 28V
  • Power ratings 300 and 360Amps (air cooled)
  • Power rating 360 and 450Amps (water cooled)
  • brushless design
  • integrated regulator
  • balanced rotor
  • waterproofed bearings
  • compliant to MIL-STD 461, 810 and 1275


Price on request
HighPower Alternator 28V/190A

24V (28V) - 5.4kW at 190A.

Rugged, long lasting design originating from series production. This is what you expect as quality delivered also directly to all big OEMs.

This unit can be enhanced with an additional dust protection cover and integrated cooling air flange.

Supplied without pulley.


1440,- EUR net.
HighPower Alternator 12V/200A

12V (14V) - 2,8kW at 200A.

Classical compact unit for high power requirement in 12V vehicles. Integrated voltage regulator.


440,- EUR net.

Larger Generators and APUs with hydraulic drive you will find at the Hydraulic Machinery and at the modular DYNA-pax-system!

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