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  DYNASET hydraulic compressors 
 Hydraulic Air Compressors

Apart from our product line of elektrical Compressors (which provide lower air throughput at intermittend duty) we also have units for higher air demands:


Technical Data:

  • Air Throughput 400 - 7500 l/min
  • Pressure 8bar min., 10bar optional
  • Smallest model 23l/min at 180bar weighing 30kg
  • Product Overview (Download) - German version

These units are a perfect replacement for the 'Compressor Trailer'. You'll find a sample installation and vehicle HERE.

More Information via Mail
  Professional Vehicle Compressors 


This is an extreme Series of mobile Compressors.

  • Air throughput from 25litres/min up to 400litres/min at 3bar Working pressure (please mind: most advertisements state throughput at 0bars!)
  • Throughput 18l/min up to 330l/min at 10bar Max. Pressure
  • available in 12V und 24V
  • models with IP20 and IP54 available
  • Temperature Protection!
  • Spareparts available!
  • ISO 9001 and NATO approved products!
  • Complete Catalogue (German only, sorry)
  • Pricelist (excluding VAT, EXW)

This series empowers you to simply inflate some tires up to operating heavy airtools like impact wrenches or sandblasters. In trucks these compressor may be used to power the air-powered braking system. For large models and intense use we recommend our 2kW High-Power-Alternators.

The following list is a selection, only. Refer to the datasheets for a complete list and contact us for pricing.

Options available:

  • Pressure switch
  • tank 2 / 8 / 20 / 30 / 50 litres
  • Valve, Pressure gauge, Dehydrator
  • Tire Gauge w/ connection
  • Hoses
  • Heavy wiring with battery clamps or standard High-Amp-System
  • Switch
  • Voltages 36 and 48Vdc, D150-models up to 80Vdc
  • Box
  • custom compressor-motor-combinations are possible!

All compressors are standard equipped with temperature switch, solenoid if neccessary and safety valve as well as standard connecting valve. (Pictured is KOMPAKT-unit)





  • 12V/20A or 24V/10A motor
  • 25l/min at 3bar pressure
  • 18l/min at 7bar Pressure
  • 3kg
  • 225x102x164mm
  • Oilless

511,- EUR (12V) net.
579,- EUR (24V) net


  • 12V/51A or 24V/24A motor
  • Overtemperature protection
  • 95-113l/min at 3bar Pressure
  • 52-72l/min at 10bar Pressure
  • 8kg
  • 299x141x237mm
  • 30min. Duty Cycle
  • IP20
  • Oilless
  • Successor to KOA-MP80S2!


866,- EUR net.


  • 12V/67A or 24V/38A motor
  • Overtemperature protection
  • 100-115l/min at 3bar Pressure
  • 75l/min at 10bar Pressure
  • 24kg
  • 485x210x285mm
  • 100%Duty Cycle!
  • IP23
  • Oil-Lubricated

2.235,- EUR net.
  • 12V/68A or 24V/48A motor+
  • Optional available with 80Vdc motor
  • Overtemperature protection
  • 166-200l/min at 3bar Pressure
  • 92-133l/min at 10bar Pressure
  • 12kg
  • 470x275x275mm
  • 45min. Duty Cycle
  • IP54 environmental protection
  • Oilless type

1.718,- EUR net.
KOMPAKT (Option) 

KOMPAKT-units can be delivered completely mounted with air tanks of several sizes, pressure switch, overpressure relief valve, pressure gauge and quick connect.

Lots of variants possible!

mobile Compressors 

Mobile Compressor 12V

with pressure regulator and cables

A handy and compact compressor with shock resistant plastics housing. Complete bundled with cables to connect direct to the vehicle's battery. The integrated regulator can reduce the pressure to the desired level. The compressor is complete protected against overheating und reverse connection.

Technical data:

  • 12 Volts (24 Volts available, too)
  • max. pressure 8bar @ 50 ltr. per minute
  • motor 0,6 kW
  • weight 8,5 kg
  • size 33x19x27 cm

429,- EUR (12V) net.
439,- EUR (24V) net.


  Active Axle and Gearbox Pressurization 

Active Axle and Gearbox Pressurization


Here you get an Active Axle and Gearbox Pressurization Kit. This kit is designed to provide relief from water ingress when performing deep fording or excessive fun in deep mud. Usually, the vehicle's manufacturers require to have all fluids changed after fording due to ingress water.

Our system provides a precisely regulated adjustable air pressure equalling a fording depth of 1m. This moderate pressure effectively prevents any water or dirt passing the seals which otherwise would be almost sucked into the axles or gearboxes due to the vaccum forming out due to fording.

As you know, when entering cold water the hot axle cools down generating a vacuum inside.

Kit contains:

  • 8m plastic hose for the fixed part of the installation
  • 5m rubber hose for axles, gearboxes, trannies a.s.o.
  • 5 T-junctions for pressure distribution
  • requires functional seals in your vehicle!
 Pressurization Kit (passive)
  • uses existing air compressor (filtered air, max. 10bar)
  • also suitable: torbocharged - connect after cooler
  • Precision Pressure Regulator
  • connects to almost any air compressor
410,- EUR net.
 Pressurization Kit (active)
  • standalone system,electrically powered
  • 12V or 24V
  • automatically pressurized axles and gearboxes during fording
  • 150mbar max. pressure
  • leakage compensation of 4.5l/min at 50cm fording depth
970,- EUR net.
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