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    Full-digital engine control DYNA-BX  

Especially designed for vehicles equipped qith hydraulic systems: Full digital engine control DYNA-BX

Modern vehicles contain fully electronical encine controls that contain no more mechanical components to control engine power.
To have a PTO-driven hydraulic system being operated during changing power demands your vehicles' engine has to provide correct power at all times. Electrical generators furthermore require certain REVS to be maintained.

To have your engine provide power at all times as required we now can offer a fully digital engine control unit which adappts autonomously to almost all electronically cvontrolled engines of nowadays.

Operating modes cover

  • Constant REVS (e.g. for operating hydraulic generators at conctant displacement pumps)
  • Constant pressure (e.g. for operating hydraulic machinery like drilling rigs that have varying power demand)
  • Conctant flow, power-following mode a.s.o.

A DYNA-BX-unit will cope with fixed-coupled manual gearbox-PTOs as well as automatic gearboxes that lack such a fixed mechanical coupling due to converter slip.

Installiong this unit is welll accomplished by a trained workshop or at our facilities. Please ask for your specific vehicle type.

1300,- EUR net.
    Manual throttle  
Manual throttle pl

Manual throttle 8m

Manual throttle 8m - 2,5mm steel

Perfect for higher power demands during stationary usage of mechanical controled engines using PTO, or hydraulic winches.

8m of length, Body zink plated, easy installation.

StVO / StVZO or other applicable laws have to be watched!

72,- EUR net.
    topAIR Cyklone Airfilter - maintenance free!  

topAIR maintenance-free Cyclone-Airfilter

This Cyclone-Airfilter dramatically reduces maintenance expenses!

When looking at 'standard' cyclone air filters you may see the flange (for the snorkel), top with screw and dust container and the airguides. The container - which collects dust, insects, dirt and water - needs regular maintenance to have everything removed.

...our topAIR Cyclone Aifilter works in a totally new way:
Here not only the airstrem (1) due to airguides (2) is forced to rotate but also the complete insert (3), (4). The incoming air is being cleaned in a very effective way. The big advantage of this unit is that, due to rotation all seperated dirt is being thrown out of slots (6) in the outer wall (5).
This filter won't collect dirt - it expels the dirt during your ride - maintenance free - leading clean air into your vehicle (7).

Also as all-in-one model (integrated active cyclone & standard filter element) available:

Available as:

Delivery as 'made-to-order', 2/6 years warranty
  TA-3-300 Plastics, 2.8-8.4m³/min, 3"=76mm tube 220,- EUR net.

Aluminum, 4.0-9.8m³/min, 3"=76mm tube

421,- EUR net.
  TA-25/3 Stainless Steel-Aluminum, 2.8-5.6m³/min, 3"=76mm tube 319,- EUR net.
    ...more models covering air throughput from 0.3 up to 56.5m³/min, different hose widths a.s.o. available!  
    topOEL Radial parallel Ultra-fine Oilfilter  

topOEL Radial parallel Ultra-fine Oilfilter

This is a parallel ultra fine Oilfilter system for the engine oil

Some of the major advantages are:
Oil contamination through metal abrasion; Dust; Sand; etc. damages the overall system.
The metal abrasion causes oxidation processes in the oil. The particles not soluble in oil lead to material abrasion on the valve seats and bearing pans.
The multi layered filter is highly absorbant down to 0,5 microns and preserves your engine of excessive wear.

* Removal of solids down to a size of 0,5 µm
* Slower change in TBN values
* Additives are neither affected nor removed
* Slower oxidation
* Condensate is buffered in the filter element
* No negative effects on viscosity
* Large filter surface, i.e. high dirt absorption capacity

The oil pump supplies more motor oil than the motor needs. A small amount (0.3-1 1/min) is removed continually through the oil pressure sending unit from this excess oil and directed to the TOP-OEL® motor oil micro-filter housing. The motor oil is forced through the filter element from the outside to the inside. The micro-cleaned oil is directed back to the oil pan without pressure

You may expand oil change intervals up to 150.000km.
When running on vegetable oil you can avoid the dangerous 'polymerization' and massive engine damage.
We recommend a scientific oil analysis prior to have change intervals exceeded - ask for our assistance!

Technische Daten:

  • filtering principle: radialfilter
  • nominal filtering capability: 1micron
  • operating pressure: 6 bar
  • test pressure: 20 bar
  • Material: Aluminium
  • temperature.: tmax 135°C
  • Size 110mm dia. x 248mm length
  • suitable for 8-10l engine oil
  • includes standard mounting kit
Delivery as 'made-to-order', 2 years warranty
  TO-08 Ultra Fine Filter System including fitting kit 255,- EUR net.
    ...other models for oil volumes from 4 to 35 Litres available!  
    Power-Fan with Thermoswitch, Override and Watersensor  


E-Fan, 12V plus electrical kit

Ideal replacement for VISCO fan types.

A) Aging. The 'Visco'-material inside the clutch is aging or vanishing from inside the clutches housing. Result: the Fan is being driven more less until it stops causing the engine to overheat. How do you check this? If your engine is hot and turned off try to turn the fan. This should behave like chewing gum. If not, your clutch may be broken.
B) Watercrossings. Depending on the way you start submerging your Fan it either stops (good) or keeps turning (not so good). Wahtever, your Engine will be put under load as well as the fan. Worst case your fan gets broken.
C) Power consumption. We tested it - a blocked Visco requires about one more litre fuel per 100km.

Delivery as 'made-to-order', 2 years warranty

We developed a special kit offering a solution to all the problems mentioned above. It consist of a stron electrical fan and universal mounting parts to bolt the fan behind your radiator. Additionally there is a thermo switch and a watercrossing sensor that automatically switches off the fan when submerging the car under a certain depth.



It's a high-quality OEM-grade electrical Fan:
- 12 or 24 Volts
- Airflow: max. 3430 cbm / hour
- Function type 'Suction' (to be mounted behind the radiator)



- automatic controlled by a thermoswitch with temperature points 87°C-82°C or by a adjustable thermoswitch
- automatic Watercrossing-Sensor
- Manual Switch On-Off-Automatic

FAN-12Va sp Fan 12Va protected
  • Fan 12V / 13A, suction type
  • MountingØ: 385 mm
  • Blade Ø: 414 mm
  • Depth: 86 mm
  • 3430cbm/h
  • Protection class IP67
185,- EUR net.
FAN-24Va sp Fan 24Va protected
  • Fan 24V / 7A, suction type
  • MountingØ: 385 mm
  • Blade Ø: 414 mm
  • Depth: 86 mm
  • 3430cbm/h
  • Protection class IP67
185,- EUR net
  Electrical Kit standard 12/24V
  • thermal switch with terminals
  • switchpoints: 82°C / 87°C (others available)
  • sensor M14x1,5
  • watersensor
  • power solenoid 12 or 24V (please select)
  • switch ON - OFF - AUTO
  • basic ventilation power-resistor (25% fan power)
  • harness to be ordered seperate
108,- EUR net.
  Electronic Control Kit 12V
  • Electronical fully adjustable sensor (12V)
  • Fan cut in-tempreature can be selected from 70-120°C
  • Water sensor
  • power solenoid 12V
  • switch ON - OFF - AUTO
  • basic ventilation power-resistor (25% fan power)
  • including hose adaptor 25 / 28 / 32 / 35 / 38 / 45mm (please select)
  • harness to be ordered seperate
198,- EUR net.
  Hose adaptor
  • hose adaptor to mount the thermoswitch into the water hose
  • needed if there's no appropriate hole available
  • fits hoses 32 / 35 / 38 / 45mm inner dia - please select
  • fits sensors M14x1.5 (not supplied)
  • made of aluminum

picture for illustration only

from 78,- EUR net.

    Dieselfilter w/ water separator and signalling  

We are now able to offer you a High-Quality series of fuel filters giving you an extra piece of reliability and security even if the fuel is of low quality.
We couldn't find any better product in this section.


All filters come with these features:

  • suitable for diesel, gasoline possible*
  • spigot to sink dirt and water
  • flushable and exchangeable filter element
  • fuel hose connector 8mm or 10mm
  • holds back particles down to 30µm, 10µm possible*
  • signalling contacts to indictae 'water in bowl'
  • filter heating delivers up to 350 watts for cold environments or vegetable oil conversions (maintains 5-10°C fuel temperature)
  • flow rate 5l per minute or 10l per minute

For a specsheet click HERE.


Operational area and advantages:

We do recommend these filters and their varianta especially if you want to:

  • exchange old or broken filters
  • pre-filtering in case of rust or dirt inside your fuel system
  • for long trips through areas with unknown fuel quality (think of dirt, dust or water)
  • for vegetable-oil conversions (fuel heater* and prefiltering)

Your advantages are obvious:

  • gain an extra pound of security against broken injection pumps or engines or lack of power due to clogged filters
  • contacts* signal whether your fitler bowl is full - no susupicous servicing of the unit anymore
  • flushable filter - no exchange neccessary on most servicing activities
  • integrated heating* adds more reliability to operation in very cold climates
    These are the filters we offer:  
SWK-5/K clear bowl, contacts Diesel filter 30µm, 5l/min flowrate, clear bowl with spigot, signalling contacts, 8mm fuel hose  
SWK-5/MK metal bowl, contacts Diesel filter 30µm, 5l/min flowrate, metal bowl with spigot, signalling contacts, 8mm fuel hose  
SWK-5/H clear bowl, heater 12 or 24V Diesel filter 30µm, 5l/min flowrate, clear bowl with spigot, 8mm fuel hose, heater 12 or 24V  
    All parts like fittings, gaskets, filter elements a.s.o. available single as spare parts!  
    *: Options  
    Funnel with filter and water separator  

Filters out solids down and provides detection of water in gasoline, diesel, kerosene, or 2 cycle gas/oil mixture.
Water is easily detectable as it backs up in the funnel. The fuel filter funnel is a heavy-duty fast-flow funne.

Filtering is done by a special fabric that holds back water and dirt - aircraft approved!

F3C-asp   height x dia: 22 x 14cm, 16l/min flowrate 70,- EUR net.
F8C-asp   height x dia: 25 x 21cm, 22l/min flowrate 81,- EUR net
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