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Grease Nipple Protector

Bright Yellow protective cap for grease nipples. Avoids contact with water and dirt and eases the search for the nipples during maintenance.

Perfect for hinges, steering knuckles, axles and many more...

20 pcs. 4,-EUR net.
Gas Springs, Lockable

Gas Springs in all variants:

- Stroke 20mm up to 800mm
- Forces 10N (~1kg) up to 13000N (~1300kg)
- Overall length 72mm up to 2117mm
- many rod ends (ball end, fork, thread, hinge etc.)
- force according to your needs (can be adjusted upon delivery)
- Springs can be refilled, won't get lame anymore
- available in Steel and Stainless Steel

As special variant these springs can be delivered LOCKABLE. You may lock / unlock those springs at any position keeping them 'stiff'.
To lock/unlock you can order eithe a manual level or cable or hydraulic operated remote controls.
The blocking force is up to 5times the spring force.
Ideal for doors or lids that shall have intermedia positions.

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