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Small parts in any variant, whatever needed to set up your valuable car right:

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We carry shims, crush-sleeves, pinion nuts, washers, ring gear bolts, bearings, seals, marking compound, clips, guides, cross-pin shafts, gaskets, covers, plugs, springs, spring plates, clutch packs, yokes, thrust washers, case bolts, slingers, baffles, spacers, u-joints, u-joint straps & u-bolts and MANY MORE of the PARTS that are not easy to find.


We deliver parts from:


Please tell us your demands!

We also deliver various service kits:

- Yukon Gear Master Overhaul Kit
Pinion & Carrier Bearings & Seal, various shims, Gear marking Compound, Loctite, Manual, Gasket

- Pinion Kit
Pinion Bearings, Nut (varies) and Seal, Depth Shims (varies), Preload Shims, Gear Marking Compound

- Bearing Kit
Pinion & Carrier Bearing, Crush Sleeve, Pinion Seal

- Minimum Installation Kit
Pinion Seal, Crush Sleeve, Shim Kit, Marking Compound, Smaller Parts

- Inner Parts Kit
Side & Pinion Gears, Cross Pins, Thrust Washer, some models with Cross Pin Bolt
- Shim Kit
Pinion Depth Shims and Carrier Shims
- Axle Kit
Axle Bearing (OEM Quality), Axle Seal

Orders, questions and commments please via Mail.