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    Trailer Voltage Converter 24V / 12V  

This converter is designed to enable 12V-trailers to operate behind 24V towing vehicles.

Trailer supply directly off your wiring:
With this converter-regulator you may directly opertae any standard 12V trailer behind your 24V equipped vehicle.
This unit reduces the voltage for stoplights, foglights, flaher and taillight from 24V to 12V.
It is a fully electronic unit without any relais or large heatsink. Sophisticated semiconductor design enbables a smart design reducing the size of the unit down to a compact brick style.

  • Input: 24V (vehicle)
  • Output: 12V
  • power: 4x50 W (stoplight, taillight, foglight) + 2x21 W (flasher)
  • compact housing, no heatsink required
  • full electronic unit w/o solenoids
  • enclosed and sealed
  • Suitable forToyota Landcruiser, Trucks, Unimog, VW Iltis, utility vehicles a.s.o.

Picture / unit similar.

182,- EUR net.

2 years standard warranty

    High-Power Connector System 32A / max. 600V / waterproof  

Here you can get a REAL Heavy-Duty Connector System for a number of applications:

These connectors are extremely rugged and can be operated even with thicker gloves. Each contact can transfer very high currents. We carry all variants of connectors, plugs, chassis mounted or inline to suit almost any application. Topped by blind mates that close unsused connectors to keep them watertight.
We always deliver sets containing the connector and the appropriate sealing cap. A complete datasheet can be obtained HERE.

Technical Data:

  • 5-pin design
  • Current per contact max. 32 Ampere (equals e.g. 800W at 24V!)
  • Voltage max. 600V
  • Protection IP68 (can be submerged in water!)

Areas of application are for example:

  • Power supply to camping trailers or cabins etc.
  • Connector for 230V engine preheater and battery charger
  • Connection of external power equipment, lamps, batteries a.s.o.
  • e.g. 12V, 24V, Ground and two control lines or
  • 24V, Ground, 2x 230V and Neutral

Note: High-Amp Connectors capable of 160 Amps continuous can be found HERE.


B9-SK   Cable-Plug 5pol w/ cap (e.g. for equipment connection) 37,40 EUR net.
B9-BK   Cable-Socket 5pol w/ cap 36,60 EUR net.
B9-SC   Chassis-Plug 5pol w/ cap (e.g. for equipment connection) 31,90 EUR net.
B9-BC   Chassis-Socket 5pol w/ cap 34,50 EUR net.
B9-SiK   Inline-Cable-Plug 5pol w/ cap 34,00 EUR net.
B9-BiK   Inline-Cable-Socket 5pol w/ cap (e.g. for extension cord) 36,60 EUR net.
B9-FaB   Flange Plug 5pol w/ cap 57,10 EUR net.
B9-FaS   Flange Socket 5pol w/ cap 54,20 EUR net.
B9-AF   Add. Bulhead Adaptor Mounting for Flange Types 22,70 EUR net.
B9-ÖF   Cable, suiting system as above: ÖLFLEX 110YY, 5 wires 2,5qmm, -30 to +70°C, mostly oil resisting. Price per meter, 10 meters minimum per order. 3,40 EUR net. per Meter
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