Power-Trax.de - who we are, what we're doing and why.

I came along thinking to put a bit of the people on this site to show who's behind Power-Trax.de since we're not one of those simple boxmovers...

Was about Power-Trax.de?

Power-Trax.de ist a highly sophisticated and specialized Engineering Office.

We define, design and manufacture Special Duty Vehicles, Machinery and Armoured Vehicles.

Our internal processes are based on the constraints of DIN / ISO 9000ff. and ISO/TS 16949.

Projects as well as consulting or sales are following the following denoted process which can of course be tailored down to a level suitable according to deamnds:

  • Set up an Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) - initially or anytime lateron
  • Evaluation of customer's requirements:;
    • Mission Target
    • basic technical requirements
    • expandability / modularity
    • Mission profile and environmental conditions
    • servicing and spare parts strategy / TCO
    • planned piececounts / over lifetime
    • testing, approvals, release procedure
    • documentazion requirements
    • applicable standards and norms
  • Requirements Specification
    • if required
    • if available - good!
  • Concept and feasibility study
    • technical feasibility based on comparison between requirement spec and feasibility study
    • Listing and comparison between feasible concepts
    • risk analysis
  • Set up of technical specification
    • based on feasibility study
  • Quotation
  • Design and development of vehicle or machinery / units
  • Integration and assembly of system
  • documentation of the system
  • vaildation, test and system start-up
  • acceptance testing
  • delivery, transfer to customer
  • approval for series production
    • PPAP
    • Process Series
  • series production and delivery

With this process we do ensure to deliver exactly what you need - approved! We ensure complete documentation and traceability of requirements and test through a complete project.

Everything surrounded by many years of project and quality management experience.

If you have confidential requests or projects you may want to have a non disclosure agreement being issued initially.

Who are those guys behind Power-Trax.de?

Power-Trax.de is owned and directed by Axel Henrik Hammer. He has an University Engineers degree as well as auditor and SixSigma GreenBelt certification and more than 20 years working experience in automotive and electronics development, project management and quality assurance / reliability and redundancy concepts.

He is driving a HJ60 with Hog-Trailer and is doing small scale forestry with this vehicle at some pieces of rangy woodland at 'Oberpfalz' and 'Donau-Ries' in Germany.

We are enthusiatical O/R drivers and do use our vehicles for longer journeys and at hard work. We DO know the products we offer and we do our own development of thingies we think are useful.

What's the philosophy behind Power-Trax.de?


Out philosophy is to offer our customers products from own or other development that incorporate the following key features:

  • Suiting the customers' exact needs and requirements
  • Reliability by design
  • Design with appropriate security reserves
  • Durability and Capability
  • Longevity
  • Failsafe- and Fallback-Strategies
  • Modularity and esay enhancement - even after years
  • Practical Suitability without unneccessary gadgets
  • Full service- and maintain-ability including parts logistics

To reach these demands we attend to products designed for commercial or military usage.

We offer solutions giving you the security to 'be there' when you need 'em in action.

Our products are exclusive specialties. We don't offer mainstream thingies. Our product range is addressing customers with special demands.

To offer best quality we don't source or offer products made in China.

Nice words. So?

We hope you may have gotten some insight behind Power-Trax.de

When you have missions to accomplish with high demands regarding machinery and material we're the one!