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  DYNASET Hydraulic Generators and custom units  
 Hydraulic Welding Generators

These Hydraulic powered Welding Generators offer you unlimited flexibility when it comes to mobile welding combined with power generation.
The units are ultra compact, rugged and reliable.

Technical Data:

  • Welding Current 30 - 400Amps dc
  • Welding rods 4 - 7mm
  • adjuctable welding current
  • Sparking Voltage 70V
  • Welding Voltage 21 - 36V
  • Power Generator:
  • 230Vac, 3,0 - 4,0kVA
  • 400Vac, 6,0 - 10,0kVA
  • DYNASET Catalogue (Download)

Perfect for vehicles already equipped with a hydraulic system like excavators, farming machinery, trucks or converted offroad vehicles.

Please participate from our TechSupport when designing your hydraulic system!


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 Hydraulic Power Generators

Mobile power generation - when talking of real high power - use one of the following DYNASET units - compact, efficient and reliable!

Power Classes range from 3.5kVA up to 110kVA, single or triple-phase.

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  • DYNASET HG 3,5kVA 230V
  • Hydraulics 18l/min at 210bar
  • weight 26kg
  • Details see Brochure, Datasheets and detailed specs on request
1150,-EUR EXW net.

Technical Data:

  • Single Phase and Three Phase
  • Models starting from 3,5 up to 70kW(!)
  • Special model with modified pressure ranges or volumetric flows available!
  • DYNASET Catalogue (Download)


  Project "Ship hydraulic generator"  

In this project we equipped the Beluga-2 from Greenpeace with a 10kVA hydraulic powered generator.


Hydraulic equipment is professional equipment. The system needs to be designed according to all integrated units. Please contact us accordingly!

Orders, questions and comments please via Mail.