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Project Description

This time we were selected to deliver a hydraulic powered genset to Greenpeace.

System description:

  • hydraulic powered generator model "HG10"
  • rated power 10kVA
  • powered by hydraulic system as provided by the ship's diesel engine
  • integrated in confined space in the engine room


This is the Beluga-2 (see the detailed information at Greenpeace HERE). It is a sailboat and has a 40kW diesel engine to support during low wind and for auxiliary use.

The ship required an internal energy supply. We delivered a DYNASET generator that easily adapts to the ship's existing hydraulic system. The unit delivers 10kVA single- and three-phase alternating current. This is enough to power the complete ship's electrical appliances.
The generator was built into the confined space of the engine room and lateron covered with a silencer box.