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 To assist you in rough calcualtions regarding hydraulic system we published an Excel-Spreadsheet.
 Sepson Military Grade Winches


military winches, very compact

Sepson offers military-grade, ultra compact and powerful winches. These winches are e.g. OEM mounted to Bundeswehr MAN trucks!

  • 3,8 to 100 tons pulling power
  • Side, Top and Front mounting
  • Rope guide
  • Dual-Gear models

These winches are proven for the Military, very small and very reliable. We have customers requesting some minor spare parts for winches aged over 30 years!


Sepson Winches are available up to 100 Tons in a wide variety of mounting and accessory options, for Unimog and so on.!

Those Big Ones we zipped HERE for you!


Land-Rover for Forestry

Take a look at this project; a Land-Rover for commercial usage, equipped with PTO, hydraulic winch, roller fairlead and much more...

 Hydraulic winches are a professionals equipment. We don't want just deliver 45 kilograms of 'winch' to your front door but are in charge to collect a package that fits your very special demands. Please contact us accordingly.
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