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  To assist you in rough calcualtions regarding hydraulic system we published an Excel-Spreadsheet.

Brevini Hydraulik Winches

economical winches

Looking for 'something more'? Well, try Brevini Winches.

These are hydraulic powered winches with planetary gear and hydraulic operated multi-disc-brake - these winches stop the load not via the single hydraulic motor only!

The smallest winch starts at 3,6tons, mid-range is 'round 6-7tons and for people who want to take their complete home with them while cruisin' we do have an extraordinary 30ton Winch.
But please, those sizes aren't in stock, please drop us a note.



We also can offer true Hoisting Winches from 1.2 up to more than 18 tons hoisting capacity - built and approved for crane applications. A Datasheet for the low-capacity series is available per request, we will be happy to send you more information!


The complete Brevini Pulling Winches Series we collected in a datasheet that is available on request.

Raptor 3600

NEW ultra compact 'Raptor'-Series:

"B" Hydraulic Winch Raptor 3.6, drum dia. 240 mm,
pulling first layer: 3.600 kg,
including manual and CE declaration.

  • for recovery and winching applications
  • extreme tight packaging, compact design - 295x335x634mm!
  • 'Compact' model only 295x335x514mm (with lever)!
  • reinforced planetary gearbox
  • high power, extreme robustness
  • fast rope speed - minimum 15 m/min.
  • hydraulic, maintenance-free disc brake
  • roller fairlead, pneumatic or electric freespool drum clutch and rope pressure plate as option(s)
  • The datasheet is available on request

Pulling power starts at 3,6tons up to 7,6tons.

  We designed an electrical drum clutch release! Available now!
  Sepson Military Grade Winches

Sepson H38P

military winches, very small

- 3,8 tons pulling power (bottom layer)
- hydraulik motor, 175bar
- rope idle speed min. 12m/min.
- manual clutch
- with roller fairlead
- complete with 30m wire rope 10mm and safety hook
- Datasheet

Options (please state at order):
- rope guidance plate
- pneumatic clutch
- hydraulic controller forward / reverse
- wireless remote control
- large drum (+75 mm)

These winches are proven for the Military, very small and very reliable. We have customers requesting some minor spare parts for winches aged over 30 years!


Sepson Winches are available up to 35 Tons in a wide variety of mounting and accessory options, for Unimog and so on.!

Those Big Ones we zipped HERE for you!


Land-Rover for Forestry

Take a look at this project; a Land-Rover for commercial usage, equipped with PTO, hydraulic winch, roller fairlead and much more...

  Hydraulic winches are a professionals equipment. We don't want just deliver 45 kilograms of 'winch' to your front door but are in charge to collect a package that fits your very special demands. Please contact us accordingly.
Orders, questions and comments please via Mail.