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 Hydraulic Machinery 
 This section enlists a selection of hydraulich machinery we both sell and integrate into systems and vehicles. 

Wanna test the flexibility and versatility of hydraulic machinery?

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A short collection of the almost infinite posibilities and versatility is shown in this video. It is showing a Toyota HiLux 3.0l Diesel, equipped with hydraulic compressor, 200A welding generator and 3.5kVA generator, operated with a 15kW hydraulic system with electronic throttle control.

To assist you in rough calcualtions regarding hydraulic system we published an Excel-Spreadsheet.



 Hydraulic Pumps and PTOs 
Hydraulic pumps & PTOs be found in the PUMPS section

 DYNASET Hydraulic Machinery 

DYNASET is a finnish manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic machinery.

DYNASET-units produce electricity, high-pressure water, compressed air etc. for hundreds of application:

  • construction
  • mining
  • demolition and recycling
  • service, installation and maintenance
  • environment and infrastructur
  • forestry and agriculture
  • transportation, shipping, aviation
  • fire fighting

Get the complete DYNASET catalogue HERE ( >25MB)

 DYNASET Hydraulic Generators 
Hydraulic Generators

These Hydraulic powered Power and Welding Generators offer you unlimited flexibility when it comes to mobile welding combined with power generation.
The units are ultra compact, rugged and reliable. Power Classes range from 3.5kVA up to 70kVA, single or triple-phase.

Perfect for vehicles already equipped with a hydraulic system like excavators, farming machinery, trucks or converted offroad vehicles.

Please participate from our TechSupport when designing your hydraulic system!


 DYNASET Hydraulic Compressors 
Hydraulic Air Compressors

Apart from our product line of elektrical Compressors (which provide lower air throughput at intermittend duty) we also have high performance units with Air Throughput 400 - 7500 l/min:


  Hydraulic Water Pumps 
Hydraulic Water Pumps

Hydraulic Energy is up to way more than the above. For usage in sewery maintenance, cleaning, dust suppression, firefighting, rock bolting and so forth hydraulic powered High Pressure Water Pumps w/ Water Pressure 90 - 1200bar, that may be combined with injector type pumps and even sandblasting equipment are avilable as well as standard water feeding pumps and a wide variety of accessories.


 Hydraulic Winches 
Hydraulic Winches

From 3.5 up to 35 tonnes, for hoisting and winching operations.

 DYNASET Lifting Magnet Generators and Magnets
Magnet Generators

This series of compact hydraulic gensets powers up magnets - suitable for recycling, selection and handling of steel and scrap metal

DYNASET also delivers magnets as well.

Tech Data:



 DYNA-pax Modular System 
DYNA-pax Modular System

Our DYNA-pax modular system are a configurable set of aggregates, providing an almost unlimited number of variants and combinations regarding power, pumps and energy supply.

DYNA-pax is a synthetic term, put together from DYNA for Dynamical and pax short for "Packs".

DYNA-pax are compact compound machines and aggregates such as V-belt driven hydraulic pumps with magnetic cluthes, combined pump-compressor-units, hydraulic operated water pumps and many more...

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 Hydraulic Custom Machinery 

Apart from standard off-the-shelf hydraulic machinery we also can design custom machinery to cope with your special requirements, such as

  • Modifcations regarding pressure and flow rate
  • special machinery such as pulling force controlled winches for cable works
  • special pumps for PTOs with automativ reverse
  • gensets of different voltage standard such as 400Hz aircraft power supply
  • wheelspeed synchronous winches for alpine agriculture

Our engineering team will do requirement analysis, concepts and feasibility studies and perform design as well as manufacturing from single pieces up to series production.

 Project "Ship hydraulic generator"  

In this project we equipped the Beluga-2 from Greenpeace with a 10kVA hydraulic powered generator.


Hydraulic equipment is professional equipment. We don't want just deliver a bunch of 'hydraulics' to your front door but are in charge to collect a package that fits your very special demands. Please contact us accordingly!

Orders, questions and comments please via Mail.