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'Hog-Trailer©' - a 100% Offroad capable custom Trailer



Improved HOG-2 now available - designed to fit your requirements to 100%!

These are only some possible variants:

  • Hog-Trailer© chassis: baseline for own concepts
  • Hog-Trailer© pickup: aluminum pickup plus roof
  • Hog-Trailer© dumper: dumper single or triple degrees of freedom, hydraulically operated
  • Hog-Trailer© transport: hauling machines, vehicles or motorbikes, with winch
  • Hog-Trailer© Utility: mobile workshop e.g. equipped with power generators, welding systems, compressors or other hydraulic machinery
  • Hog-Trailer© solid: standrd or insulated for refrigerated transport or campers
  • ...and many more!

The basic design of the Hog-1 was preserved and optimized in many details:

  • Available with and w/o breaks
  • German quality axles, designed and built to our specifications
  • gross weight up to 3500kg available
  • wheels up to 33", wide range of backspacing possible
  • rim bolt pattern according pulling vehicle
  • towing coupling DIN-ball, NATO or truck
  • big support wheel
  • made of steel zinced, INOX or Aluminum
  • hydraulic operated axle to lower flatbed for ease of loading and yet high ground clearance
  • hydraulic dumper, remote controllable
  • integrated winch, remote controlled
  • integrated vehicle ramps
  • mech or hcdraulic support stands
  • winch
  • Intelligente Energy- and Storage Systems:
    • storage boxes, detachable
    • add. tank systems for fuel, water or pressurized air
    • power supply via generator, battery, power inverter or vehicle
    • hydraulic system
    • Power-Trax modular carrier system
  • HiLift receptacles
  • etc.

If you are interested in the Hog-2 please take yoour time to send us a Specification- and RFQ-datasheet.

Note: due to the effort being spent for a detailed quotation we charge 100,-EUR net for a detailed quote - complex specs may face a higher charge. You will get full refund when placing an order for the quoted trailer. Too muich for you at this stage of the project? Well, then the trailer will be too much for you as well.

RFQ document


Example for our Demonstrator Hog-2 loader / dumper:

  • single axle, aluminum loader / dumper
  • axle 2.5 tons, hydraulic dampers for 100km/h approval
  • rims & wheels 31x10,5-15 on 8JJ-15, -30mm backspacing, Toyota 6-bolt pattern
  • bed 250x125cm, steel plated wooden floor, 2x4 heavy duty eyelets
  • side plates 40cm, 25mm thick, prepared for tarpaulin
  • dumper setup, lifted electo-hydraulically
  • integrated winch, 4.3 tonnes, 30m Dyneema®-rope
  • awning setup with two different heights (110 and 180cm)
  • remote control for dumper and winch
  • towbar height adjustable
  • reinforced support and manouvering wheel front
  • two supports rear including aggressive offroad footrests
  • frame steel, zinc plated
  • 1ton twoing / lashing receptacles


 Options and Add-Ons 

Electro-hydraulic pump unit

This electro-hydraulioc pump unit will ease the usage of your dumper. Unload with the push of a button - convient, no need to step out of the vehicle or stop.

Standrd delivery is with a wired remote control. Optional a R/C is available that can control a winch as well (4-channel model).


Technical Data:

  • 12 or 24V units available
  • Tank inculding filler and breather plug
  • 8l oil content - allows for reliable oil supply even on slopes
  • includes backup hand pumpe in case of empty battery or other problems
  • suitable for aingle-acting lift cylinders, 5l Offroad / 7l On-Road clinder oil volume
  • max. 11lpm, max. 160bar
  • adjustable pressure relief valve
  • adjustable decent flow control valve


580,- EUR net.

Heavy Duty leg support with offroad footplate

Based on a standard AL-KO support leg we modified thias unit. It comes with a massive mounting bracket and an aggressive offroad footplate that will literally bite into the ground. Definitely no slipping. Additional holes provide a way to drive earth nails through for increased stability.



Technical Data:

  • Variant 1: 510-740mm / 230mm lift
  • Variant 2: 410-590mm / 180mm lift
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket that replaced simple clamp-shell type supports
  • aggressive, massive offroad footplate with four earth claws, ca. 200x200mm, stainless stell
  • footplate with additional fixing holes
  • can be fixed in 45° steps from -90 to +90°
  • 500kg capacity


190,- EUR net.

Some historical facts:

In the year 2001 a five series of this famous HOG-trailer was initially produced. The basics behind this trailer were as follows:

  • great ground clearance
  • big mechanical reserve
  • flexible design
  • usage of towing car's wheels and tires

The first trailers were equipped with the box originating from the Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79 - sometimes with cover as shown below.

The trailer is designed to give better offroad performance and ground clearance than a HZJ78 with a heavy OME suspension. The axle is designed of being able to carry 1.4 tons as continuous load.
This trailer serves behind my fellow BJ42 now for more than 3 years under heavist professional conditions in the rocky Oberpfälzer woods without any problems.

The following wheels and tires can be fitted: 206-16, 235/85-16, 7.5-16, 8,25-16, 9-16, 33x9.5-16, 265/75-16, 285/75-16.

Wider tires than 235/85-16 just need a ribbon lip to be legalized in Germany. The trailer is equipped with a 1.5m long pulling rod in case you want to transport cajaks or other long things. You easily can shorten this rod to your desired length since it is not welded to the frame but massively clamped.

The trailer pictured is equipped with 235/85-16 tires.

Ground clearance was 420mm.

The 2nd generation since 2007 serves our customers' and our needs - proven in harsh envireonments and usage since then.

Orders, questions and comments please via Mail.