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  Winch-Service-Packs A complete big and small Winch-Service-Pack to Overhaul your rig.  
  Winch Safety-Remote-Control This is our ultimate Safety Winch Remote Control, wired or radio controlled with Emergency Cutoff and Battery Disconnect Solenoid.  
  Roller-Fairlead Ultra massive Roller-Fairleads, zink plated and with grease pins.  
  Snatch Blocks Snatch Block w/ 4ton rating and turnableSafety Hook  
  Winch Ropes High-Strength Winch Ropes with higher braking force and smaller diameter in reinforced steel and NEW Dyneema!  
  Winch Solenoids Waterproofed and rugged high-AMP Winch-Solenoids  
  Winch-Motors Strong Winch-Motors for replacement or enhancment - waterproofed!  
  High-Amp Connectors A combined High-Amp Connector-System capable of 160Amps cont. with additional control pins and compressed-air-connectors!  
  High-Amp Wiring-Harness Waterproofed High-Amp-Wiring-Harness for AWG4-cables - suitable for removable winches, chargers, aux. power-units a.s.o. - build to your spec!  
  Winch-Service-Packs top

Here we offer two packages to do a small or large winch overhaul.

small 12/24

Winch-Servicepack small

With this package you get

- a water- and dirtproof winch control solenoid for 12 or 24 Volts
- a 'small' roller fairlead, greasable

(for details look below)

large 12/24

Winch-Servicepack large

To do all critical issues on your winch:

- a water- and dirtproof winch control solenoid for 12 or 24 Volts
- a 'small' roller fairlead, greasable and spring loaded for even rope layers on the drum
- 35meters of reinforced winch rope 9mm dia and 7.1tons capability, designed for 3.6-ton winches at double security
- our self developed security winch remote control with automatic mains solenoid 12 or 24 Volts and straight cable

(for details look below)


This packet comes with a 10% discount compared to single-order.
No winch-OEM parts included.

  Safety Winch Controls  
    Safety Radio Remote Control  
  Safety Radio Remote Control

Safety Radio Remote Control for winches, hydraulic machinery and accessories

This Remote Control has been developed especially according our requirements regardind inherent and explicit safety. Appearing like other TYRO R/Cs the inside of both transmitter and receiver is altered totally to match safety requirements of local authorites and european / international standards!

This Remote Control is designed according DIN EN/IEC 61508 and DIN 19250 and provides STOP category class 0.

Available only at!

  • Range up to 50-600m
  • Emergency-Switch
  • On / Off-switch
  • Forward and Reverse
  • one unit for 12V 24V vehicles
  • totally waterproof transmitter and receiver
  • Digital encrypted radio link
  • interference resistant
  • Contols up to 4 Amps per line
  • Multiple transmitters for one system possible
  • CE/EN/ISO & E4-tested and approved
  • can be operated in parallel to cable control

Same functionality is provided with the model MUSCA, where the transmitter comes in a small housing with belt clip:

With this safety radio remote winch control you finally can operate your winch directly from the heat of the action. No longer tricky cables hanging around your vehicle catching branches ripping off the line. The emergency stop reliably stops your winch in case of a problem. A set of batteries inside the TX lasts one year during standard everyday usage. This R/C is suitable to fit all electrical controlled winches.

R/C-set SEDNA Remote-Control Set RX-TX 2-channel

Complete Set Remote Control Dual Funtion

  • 2 functions + emergency stop
  • 1 transmitter
  • receiver
  • receiver wiring harness
  • receiver antenna
  • documentation
  • suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles
R/C-set SEDNA Remote-Control Set RX-TX 4-channel

Complete Set Remote Control Quad Funtion

  • as above, but 4 funktions + emergency stop (up/down & right/left)
R/C-set MUSCA Remote-Control Set RX-TX 2-channel

Complete Set Remote Control Dual Funtion

  • as above
  • same safety funtions!
R/C-set MUSCA Remote-Control Set RX-TX 4-channel

Complete Set Remote Control Quad Funtion

  • as above
  • same safety funtions!
    Safety Winch-Control (Cable Operated) top

Safety Winch-Control w/ battery-disonnect-solenoid and emergency STOP

Anybody already owning one of our products knows about it: highly sophisticated design, no stylish thingies, strictly functional layout and operation.
Durable, massive and rugged. Designed for heavy and professional usage from and for people to work with it every day.

We (last!) designed an integrated Safety Winch-Control unit.

Key features:

  • automatic battery disconnect switch (BDS) - water- and dustproofed (small model only)
  • Emergency-STOP-pushbutton
  • mechanically and electrically interlocked FWD/REV-pushbuttons
  • Safety-function: without connected Control unit your winch is completely powered down - easy servicing
  • waterproofed connectors w/ caps
  • waterproofed and rugged control unit coloured singal-yellow, safety-level: commercial cranes!
  • available for 12 and 24 volts

This Remote Control is designed according DIN EN/IEC 61508 and DIN 19250 and provides STOP category class 0.

As soon as you connect the control unit to the winch the BDS powers up the winch. From now on you may operate your winch as you are used to it.
The Emergency-STOP pushbutton immediate opens the high-power-circuitry from battery to winch and stops the winch - even in case of sticked control relays! A ruptured or cut control cable also stops the winch immediately.
The connectors can be screwed tight to the main unit to prevent unwanted disconnection.

All connectors are water- and dirtproof (IP68) similar to the control unit (IP65).
The control cable is made of high-quality 'Oelflex' wiring and available in two variants:
- straight, length 5 meters (additional length per request)
- coil-spring-style 3m retracts to 1m

See for yourself the effects of a hanging solenoid and NOT having a safety solenoid. Luckily the vehicle didn't start to burn. (Video courtesy of SoLottaTech):


- no more 'thinking' - connect the control, operate the winch.
- without control the winch is unpowered - no risc of short-circuits and electrical failure or even fire in case of accident or damaged wires!
- No abuse ever possible!
- BDS has no long wires and therefore no losses compared to a manual BDS located in the passenger cab
- Emergency-STOP ensures immediate safe and reliable stopping of your winch even when control relays are sticking.
- no erroneous operation anymore!
- complies with requirements for commercial usage and car insurance companies

Kit contains:
- BDS solenoid small or large (small mdl. water- & dustproof IP55)
- continuous current: 100A / 150A, 1 minute: 450A / 520A, peak 800A / 1000A
- high-power pigtail from BDS to vehicle battery
- mounting bracket for BDS
- control unit complete with wiring harness and waterproofed connector w/ cap
- winch socket w/ waterproofed cap
- control wiring harness
- installation and operation manual - schematic to be found HERE

Variants (please ask for quotation)
- control unit w/o BDS
- double BDS-unit for vehicle and winch
- 250A / 1050A / 1500A hardcore-BDS

2 Years Warranty
  Roller Fairleads top

Roller Fairleads

Commercial products designed for heavy usage and extended usage

Extra Heavy-Duty design
- very durable, zink-plated steel
- all Models are greasable
- fairlead is a heavy welded construction of massive steel
- all sizes can be delivered with spring-loaded top roller - your rope will lay much more even on the drum!
- Dimensions shown are for the opening for the rope - spring-loaded variants the minimum clearnce between top and bottom roller

Since we have several questions answered...
These Faileads have NOTHING in common with what you get delivered originally together with any popular 'Offroad' winch - they are much more rugged and extremely durable!

2 years warranty regarding material and production.

650003 Fairlead small 200 x 60mm (Datasheet)  
650203 Fairlead small, spring-loaded 200 x 15mm (varies)  
650343 Fairlead medium 230 x 60mm  
650323 Fairlead medium, spring-loaded 230 x 15mm (varies)  
650103 Fairlead big 280 x 60mm  
650303 Fairlead big, sping-loaded 280 x 15mm (varies)  
  Sntach Blocks top

Snatch Blocks

To change the towing direction or to double the force.

Material: galvanically zink plated.
Hook can rotate, can be opened for winch-use.

Same way here: These Snatch Blocks have NOTHING in common with what you get delivered from any popular 'Offroad' winch manufacturer - they are much more rugged and extremely durable! Not to mention the handy usage!

760571 Snatch Block small Rope max. 8mm, Roll 50mm dia., 2000kg max.  
760591 Snatch Block big Rope max. 12mm, Roll 120mm dia., 4000kg max.  
  Fixtures, Ratchets, Ropes, Hooks... top

Wire Forestry Ropes

Special reinforced forestry winch wire ropes - same strength, smaller diameter - to give you more length on the drum at equal safety!

These special ropes are being compressed after first stranding process. The diameter is reduced and the surface gets flat and even.

Major advantage of these forestry wire ropes

  • smaller diameter at identical strength
  • more length possible on winch drum
  • better winding for each layer
  • lowest dirt pickup
  • identical sttrength at smaller diameter OR
  • more strength at identical diamete

Please mind: use the available room for the rope supplied by your winch only up to 50-70%. This way you will have enough clearance for the rope on the drum even while winching at large angles.

Regarding the pulling power:
Let's assume you have a 3.6ton winch on your 4WD it's always good to have the rope some two classes better i.e. 7.1ton breaking force - your winch never will break the rope but a mechanical hit might if it's too weak!

Orders, and requests please via Mail

Dyneema Winch Ropes

Dyneema Winch Ropes Ultimate Strength

Those ropes do have some major advantages over standard wire ropes:

- won't rust
- triple lifetime compared to steel rope
- low weight (10 to 15% of a steel rope, floats on water!)
- 33% and more capacity on the winch drum - more rope on the trail!
- ultimate strength
- doesn't store much energy - rope breakage almost harmless
- samples available

We do offer a complete Rope with stainless security hook.
We offer them ropes coloured blue (standard) and also white, black, red, green and yellow.

Please note: Winches with planetary gears like e.g. most of the WARNs (NOT the 8274!) may suffer from thermal insulation of the drum that integrates the break. Prolonged winching may overheat the break and render it useless!

Orders, and requests please via Mail
  Fixtures, Ratchets, Hooks... Fixtures, Ratches, Hooks...

Yes, we do have all those things. The assort is that big that we don't want to place everything on our page, but rather put together a package that suits your very special needs.

  Electrical top

Winch-Controlblock 12/24V Heavy-Duty

High-Power-Solenoids, protected according IP54, sealed and closed, 12 or 24V, 100 amps continuous rating. Complete integrated package for forward and reverse rotation of DC winch motors.
These units are European Quality Products and do have nothing in commin with lousy similar looking chinese crap.

Please state at order: 12 or 24 volts coil operation.

See our datasheet accordingly.

Together with a Bowmotor you can waterproof the most endangered parts of your winch to cope with water and mud.

139,- EUR net.

Delivery as 'made-to-order'.

  This controller block DC88P is intended for normal use. Heavy winch usage is better equipped with model capable of 150 Amps and 250 Amps continuous rating. Sorry to say, these solenoids aren't available sealed and protected but only 'closed'.  
  Motors top

Standard winch and waterproofed Bowmotors

Are available single, too. You can equip your existing winch with a waterproofed motor.

Suitable for:

  • Superwinch X9, X9plus, E14P, Husky
  • WARN
  • Ramsey
  • Goodwinch

These motors are available for 12 and 24Volts.

Additionally we have a wide variety of replacement motors for almost all brands!

Delivery as 'made-to-order'.
  High-Amp Connector System top

Here we present you a high-Amp connector system you might know in a similar manner from forklifts.

This system is capable of 160Amps continuous current and wiring of AWG4 / 25qmm.
Suits perfect applications like removable winches, chargers, generators a.s.o. as well as motorhome / camping cabins, solar power systems and so forth...


We enhanced this system:

In combination with our safety Winch-Remote-Control and Battery Disconnect Solenoid electrical power is being swithed to the terminals only if the connectors have settled together. Without connector the plugs are absolutely safe!

Additionally you can enable this system with air adapters that might also be activated by connecting the system together. Finally, the housings withstand sulfuric (battery) acid.

bu160A Socket 160A, aux contacts Complete High-Amp Socket up to 150 Volts / 160 Amps (continuous) with one pair of auxiliary contacts.
Everything included for AWG4 / 25qmm flexible wires.
For fixed mounting positions on the vehicle, battery or generator.
st160A Plug w/ Handle, 160A, aux contacts

Complete High-Amp Plug with handle capable of 150 Volts / 160 Amps (continuous) with pair of auxiliary contacts.
Everything included for AWG4 / 25qmm flexible wires.
To be used at winches or other removable loads.

air160A Option 'Air'

This is a pair of connectors to transfer pressurized air through the connection. Kit contains all parts for plug and socket. Max. 8 bar. Order with plug or socket only!

  Option Wiring Harness Of course we offer the combination of these connectors with customized wiring harness and cable lock complete assembled and finished.
Price includes two pairs of waterproof finished contacts and terminals, price per meter goes for the single wire. Also you might take a look here.
  High-Amp Wiring-Harness top

High-Amp Wiring-Harness

We offer you customized wiring harness made of best quality from 10cm up to 25meters or more (measured hole-to-hole).
Colours available are Red and Black (others on request), wiring comes in AWG4 / 25qmm.

Cable terminals are available with holes of 6, 8 or 10mm.

We use flexible wiring made of copper with a rugged insulation.
Terminals and cable are double hexagon-crimped and are waterproofed by using an unique combination of shrinking tube and thermoplastics.

Delivery as 'made-to-order'.

Orders, questions and comments please via Mail.