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    DYNApax Modular Hydraulic Machinery  

Our DYNA-pax modular system are a configurable set of aggregates, providing an almost unlimited number of variants and combinations regarding power and energy supply.

DYNA-pax is a synthetic term, put together from DYNA for Dynamical and pax short for "Packs".

DYNA-pax are compact compound machines and aggregates such as V-belt driven hydraulic pumps with magnetic cluthes, combined pump-compressor-units and such.

To assist you in rough calcualtions regarding hydraulic system we published an Excel-Spreadsheet.

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  Power Input

This Element acts as power-input into a DYNA-pax unit. Input can be provided by different means like:

  • V-Belt
  • Poly-V-Belt
  • toothed Belt
  • Hydraulic Motor
  • Petrol Engine
  Coupling Unit

The Coupling Unit connects power input with the follow-uop stages. Four variants are available:

  • electromagnetic clutch (100 / 130 / 240Nm)
  • mechanical operated clutch (90 / 190 / 600Nm)
  • support flanges / direct drive
  • adaptor flanges
  Stage 1

System Stage 1 is the place for units intended to convert mechanical input into a desired output. These are possible units:

  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Compressors
  • Water Pumps
  • Alternators
  • Generators
  Stage 2

System Stage 2 can adopt further units, similar to Stage 1. Stage-2-units always operate in parallel to Stage-1-unit and can currently only be placed behind a hydraulic pump with traversing driveshaft:

  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Compressors
  • Water Pumps
  • Alternators
  • Generators
  Info DYNA-pax Sample units  
  Example: Tooth-Belt driven hydraulic pump

This system was designed to operate a hydraulic winch:

Hydraulic pump with mech. clutch, intended for belt drive

Tech Data

  • Power Input
    • Engine 600-5000 REVs
    • nominal Engine REVs: 2200
    • intended for Beltdrive
  • Coupling Unit
    • mechanical Clutch
  • Stufe 1: Hydraulic Pump
    • nominal Flow 60lpm
    • System pressure 160bar
    • nominal hydraulic power 16,0kW
    • max. power 36,4kW at136lpm

This system is designed to operate a 4.6ton hydraulic winch for example in racing vehicles.


Price: 750,- EUR net.
  Example: hydraulical powered cooling fluid pump

This pump was designed for heavy construction machinery:

Hydraulicaly powered cooling water pump

  • Power Input
    • Hydraulic motor 250bar, 35lpm
  • Coupling Unit
    • direct drive
  • Stage 1: WaterPumpe
    • 500l/min
    • 3bar
    • 5kW power at 2900UPM
    • Cooling water, max. 110°C
    • adjustable speed
Preis: 3370,-EUR net.
  Example: belt-driven hydraulic pump

This was designed for vehicle applications:

Hhydraulic pump w/ electromagnetic clutch for belt drive

Tech Data

  • Power Input
    • Engine 600-2400 REVs
    • Nominal REVs: 1100
    • V-Belt
  • Coupling Unit
    • electromagnetic clutch 24Vdc
  • Stage 1: hydraulic pump
    • nominal flow 27lpm
    • system pressure 200bar
    • nominal hydraulic power 9,0kW
    • max. power 19,6kW at 60lpm
Price: 989,- EUR net.
  Exampla: Auxiliary Power Unit

Hydraulic driven Auxiliary Power Unit 24V/28V at 15.4kilowatts

Tech Data

  • Power Input
    • Oil motor 20kW
    • 60lpm
    • 200bar
  • Coupling Unit
    • Support Flange w/ Bearings
  • Stufe 1: Alternator
    • nominal Voltage 28V
    • nominal Current 550A
    • nominal Power 15
    • 15.4kW
  Example: Hydraulic Pump / Compressor-Combo

Belt-Driven Combo Hydraulic Pump and Compressor w/ electromagnetic clutch

Tech Data

  • Power Input
    • Engine 600-2400REVs
    • nominal REVs 1100
  • Coupling Unit
    • electromagnetic clutch 24Vdc
  • Stufe 1: Hydraulic Pump
    • nominal Flow 27lpm
    • System Pressure 200bar
    • nominal hydraulic power 9,0kW
    • max. power 19,6kW at 60lpm
  • Stage 2: Compressor
    • Flow at 3bar: 120lpm
    • Pressure max.10bar
    • Oil lubricated piston type
Price: 2566,- EUR net.

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