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Products & Services

Our products and services are designed to be durable and long-living. We provide services, maintenance and repair for units even after more than 10 years.
Out of basic decisions we don't offer any machinery or parts made in CHINA.

Product Groups  
Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic machinery, systems and equipment

We are official sales and service representative for DYNASET products!

Air Compressors
Electrical and hydraulic compressors
Compressors from 18 up to 400 litres per minute in 12 and 24 Volts or 7100lpm hydraulically, DYNA-pax-compound-units, tanks, ...

Power Take Off units (PTOs) and hydraulic systems
Power-Take-Offs & hydraulic pump systems
, split shaft gearboxes, sandwich PTOs, Vehicle Hydraulic Pump kits and many more.

We also do offer custom designed PTOs according your demands.

Gearboxes and Hydrostatic Drives

Here you will find Hydrostatic Drives, Universal-4x4-Trannys with PTO, Reduction-Gearboxes and so on.

Energy Systems
VICTRON power Energy Systems and Components including full systems engineering and installation
High-Power Alternators

High power alternators can deliver up to 15,4kW in 12/14 and 19,6kW in 24/28V.

Work as alternative or add-on to the existing alternator in a vehicle. Also possible as part of DYNA-pax genset / APPU with mechanical or hydraulical drive.

Winches and Recovery

Professional Winches and Recovery Solutions
Ultralight Manual Recovery Kits, Hydraulic and Electrical winches, professional and military grade.
Special makes (Goodwinch, Brevini), accessories (roller fairleads, wire ropes...), spare parts (motors, solenoids...), safety remote controls, custom fairings a.s.o.

Mobile Communication
Trasceivers, Antennas and Systems, mobile, stationary or handeld including system design services, installation and measurement.

Lockers, 3rd Member and Accessories

Over 5.000 different lockers:
Lockers (automatic and manual operated)
Rings'n'Pinions and Installation Kits


Engine related products
Electric Fan, waterproof and dust resistant, 12 and 24V - the perfect replacement for your old 'visco' type fan, electrical heated inline fuelfilters with water- and dirt-catcher, filtering funnels catching water and dirt, manual throttle, cyclone air prefiltering systems

Vehicle Electrics
Electrics, Converters, Alternators and more!
Trailer DC/DC up/downconverters, Electronical Control Units, waterproof connectors and many more!

Special Lubricants and additives, like LSD-additive to have your axle oil have the locker work again or weapon care fluids.

This section also covers aircraft approved corrosion inhibitors.


Special Topics  
Projects and Customers
On this page you will find a selection of our projects and reference customers.
Special Duty Vehicles
Special Duty Vehicles
This is the section intended to present our expertise at special duty vehicles and armoured vehicles, sample projects and doucmentations.

Our very special and 100% true Offroad Capable trailer
This very true and massive Offroad Trailer is going available again! Take a look at the new models of Generation-2!

Custom Design
Custom Design
Here we show a collection of special products we did featuring e.g. custom bumpers front and rear, skidplates, custom designed fairings, hydraulics and much more...
Firearms Accessories

Firearms Accessories, BlinkTroll moving targeting systems and tactical mounts
We supply finest scope mounts from ERA-TAC as well as the complete product line of CAA Tactical and FAB defense for security, defence, hunting and sporting / recreational shooting.

We also offer the complete Brownell's assort including gunsmithing for AR-platform firearms!

Extras & Specials
Anything that won't fit any other area - often searched for, never found!
Outdoor & Camping
Outdoor & Camping Equipment - our own designs of products we couldn't find anywhere else! It's fun as well :-)

Surplus parts, occasions, obsolete and demonstration parts or used ones.

Engineering & Consulting

Engineering & Cosulting

All tasks that lead to products or being performed during projects may be as well offered as standalone services.
This includes for example design, engineering, technical consulting a.s.o.


We accept orders only and deliver only business to business. All customers declare to be - or act on behalf a business or company.

All prices stated in EURO unless otherwise noted, plus 19% German VAT, including EU import tax and all fees. Transportation, post & packing is not included and will be charged seperately. Please note our common terms of business, also for your Goods Return Right. Everything stated on this website are non-committal offerings. Fixed quotations are sent either upon request or implicit via billing during ordering process.

Many of the special parts we offer are being maufactured on demand for your special order - please keep in mind that many of our specials have delivery times up to 8 weeks+. We will inform you prior to billing.

You want to get Reseller Conditions or even become a Partner? Ask us!