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 Recovery Kit "Multi-System™" 
 Following pictures show handling and operation of our Multi-System recovery kit. Ideally we show you the system on a graded green. 

Both systems as they are delivered side by side:

To the left the Allround-System Multi-Strap which will be schown hereafter, to the right the ultra lightweight Premium-System with our Multi-Rope.

The allround system has a simpler and not-so-lightweight chain hoist:

The Premium system is highly optimized in terms of ultra-lightweight components.

A pair of gloves, two shackles and a rugged storage bag are supplied as well and included in the weight balance.

As an anchor point we use our Hog-Trailer Gen 2:

Unlock and fix recovery supports...


...and firmly anchor into the ground. Each suport can provide 0.5 tons.

Same on the other side...

...done. Manual brake and wheel chocks are also in use.

Now for the vehicle to be recovered:

Connect the supplied shackle to a rugged anchor point at the vehicle and to the Multi Strap:

Always free the bolt a quarter turn to have it movable even after heavy load.

Important: curved part of the shackle is for the recovery point,

the straight bolt for the strap!

Since we are only demonstrating, the length we show is much shorter than what the strap can handle:

The strap provdes a series of ring to attach youor vehicle, the anchor point or the chain hoist to:

Prepare the required length and put the rest aside:

Connect the chain hoist, here at the recovery points of our Hog-2:


If not prepraed before set the chain hooist to FREEWHEEL. In case the integrated brake still locks the hoist, free the brake by turning the knob or moving the lever after setting to LOWERING (SENKEN):

Now the chain can be extracted manually:

Exctract the complete length of the chain and connect to the next-in-reach ring of the Multi-Strap:

Attention! The hook must not squeeze any part of the strap. Slide the unused portion away sideways.

Now the chain can be manually pulled tight in FREEWHEEL.

The loose end has a grip therefore:

Now set the chain hoist to LIFT (HEBEN) so lock and seucre chain and vehicle:

Now the remaining slack can be pulled using the manual knob:

System under tension!

To prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards the car has to be secured. In this example we used two wooden logs.

Now, put the system under load...

load applied,

...and have the chain run out of the hoist downwards. This will kepp the chain out of your way. Both hooks can be turned to adjust the system as required.

Incerdible but, the vehicle is moving!

40cm have been made already.

Sure, this is manual work.

The first length of pull is finished!

Finally the chain hoist hast moved the maximum length of pull - 2.5meters are possible. The hook has been pulled towards the hoist to the max.

Now secure the vehicle at its new position again any movement, again. Handbrake and putting in a low gear will help as well.

Both sides are more safe...

The chain hoist remains on LIFT (HEBEN) to still secure the vehicle.

Now swith to LOWER (SENKEN):

Now you can start to release tension slowly and to open the brake inside the chain hoist.

As soon as tension lowers you may use the knob as well:

The Multi Strap hast released its tension now. Double-check vehicle postion again!

When completely relieved and the vehicle being secured youo can disconnect the hook from the Multi-Strap.

Now place the chain hoist to FREEWHEEL.

...and pull out the chain again:

Attach the hook to the next-in-line steel ring of the Multi-Strap,

remove any slack in the line...

...and start the next recovery cycle:

After successful recovery the Multi Strap can easily be put together for stowage using the loops and rings:

The long end will be collected in big loops,

winded around the upper third of the bundle and...

being towed through all of the loops and rings:

Finished, nice job!


Ans since our Hog-Trailer Gen 2 can do so, we now will do a lazy day:

Uncouple the Winch, exctract the Dyneema rope,

attach to the winch bumper,

and with the radio remote control in yoour hand watch easily the vehicle being pulled...

But, to be honest, under normal conditions it's impossible to have the trailer find the forward path on its own.


 This page doesn't replace the manuals supplied with the recovery system! 
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