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  Axles, Bearings, Seals

If you are looking for Top Quality replacement Axle Shafts that will last longer than the originals, our YUKON AXLES are what you need.

We also have a huge stock of high quality Axle Bearing and Seals.


We have a huge Selection. Please give us a short message to serve you right and adequate.

To prevent mistakes we need the following informations:
- type of vehicle (manufacturer, name)
- year
- engine
- gearbox, transfercase
- suspension front and rear
- VIN, vehicle-code (label in the engine compartment at Toyota)

We can offer enhanced axles for a wide range of models including Suzuki, Land-Rover and 'American' Vehicles.

    Additionally we are able to deliver reinforced axles for almost any 4x4 as made-to-order!  

Our assort includes Brands like:

CV-Kit kd

CV-Joint LandRover

NOW! we can offer you a strengthened CV-Joint-Kit for Landrover.

This kit contains:
- 2x CV-Joint 23/34-Spline
- 2x CV Conversion-Bearings
- each ling & short half shaft
- 2x Spacer ring for Shaft
- 3x 5" stub shaft (one spare)
- 2x Hub Driving Memeber, Gasket, C-Clip, Spacer Shim

We can offer you the stub shaft machined to your desired strength (you may decide the maximum torque until the shaft will break at a controlled area) - usually we deliver MAXIMUM STRENGTH.

All materials are strengthened and offer up to 32% more of material area compared to series parts.

please state exact make and model

Birfield jt

New Birfield-Joint. Fine spline, fits the following Toyota Landcruisers:

- 76-90'er FJ/BJ 40, 42, 45, 55, 60, 62 and J7
- 79-85'er Mini Trucks / Pickups and
- 79-85'er Four Runner

The years '76 to '79 require a spacer which is included.

The ideal replacement for normal drivers with 10% increased strength compared to genuine replacement parts.

please state exact make and model

Newfield jt

High-Output Birfield


A REAL Heavy Duty Newfield!

If you are really building a serious rig, then your next item should be a set of Newfields. This is answer to constantly break the birfields in the stock front axles.

The Newfield head is stronger, thicker and wider and made of stronger steel. Click on line diagram for more info.

This is a must if you are running a front locker.

This Newfield available for

- 76-90 Toyota Landcruiser
- 79-85'er Mini Trucks and Pickups and
- 84-85'er Four Runner

It will fit 75 down Cruisers with a Mini Truck Disc Conversion with minor grinding on top and bottom lip of axle housing (disc is supplied).

please state exact make and model
Orders, questions and commments please via Mail.