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Armored Vehicles

Based on AUDI and Toyota Land Cruiser we offer vehicles with protection classes up to VR6/VR7 and beyond.

As you may understand, these kind of projects won't be doumented extensively and we may not offer references or publish any other sensitive information of any kind. In case you are interested in such a vehicle, you may contact us IN WRITING. If you'd like to see a demonstration vehicle we may make an appointment accordingly.

To lubricate and protect our weaponry we have an assortment of specialized products in use which are also available for you - please check our Lubricants product page.


Red: VR7 Body Armory - Green: VR7 - Yellow: VR4 Engine Armory (Example for a vehicle configuration)


Vehicle Features and Options:

  • Heavy armoring capable to withstand 7,62x51mm NATO assault rifle ammo and similar
  • Armoring made of CroMoly-Steel and Kevlar and similar materials
  • Own development of metal-based, ceramic and compound armor
  • bullet-proof glass
  • resistance class VR7+ for yet improved amroring available
  • Reinforced special-duty suspension systems to adapt to increased vehicle gross weight
  • engine tuning for improved performance and evasion capability
  • remote start capability
  • run flat tires
  • Mine-protection
  • additional heavy engine compartmend armoring
  • additional features like fire extinguishing system, oxygen survival system a.s.o. possible
  • remote vehicle tracking and hijacking countermeasures
  • Quality, Reliability, Redundancy, FMEA, Homolgation!
Overview and Details regarding protective Classification:
Classification Caliber Impact Energy Firarm / Type Protection against...
.22 LR
170 J
Rifle KK
simple assaults
9mm Para
640 J
simple assaults, thrown items
.357 Magnum
940 J
more severe assaults
.44 Magnum
1510 J
casual crime and kidnapping, using pistols and small rifles
5.56 x 45 NATO
1800 J
Rifle M16 / AR15
simpler assaults or assaults by organized crime
7.62 x 51 NATO
3270 J
Rifle G3
assaults by organized crime or terrorists using rifles or military firearms; moderate protection against explosions
7.62 x 51 NATO
hardcore penetrator
3290 J
Rifle G3
military firearms and rounds; limited protection against hand grenades and explosions

*by default we manufacture vehicles according B4 and B7 / B7+.


Vehicles and used Materials are being tested and certified by Ulm Ballistic Authority (Germany) according to EN 1063, EN 1522 and EN 1523. Our materials, designs and concepts are being fireproofed from us additionally using 9mm Para, .44 Magnum, 5.56x45 NATO and 7.62x51 NATO as welll as 7.62x54R and Shotgun slugs ammunition fired from modern firearms. Our fireground is approved for bullet energies up to 15,000J, allowing us to test-fire up to .50 BMG rounds.

You may download the according testspecification HERE (German version, only).